SFR Advisory offers financial advice across the full spectrum of disciplines – from property, tax and self-managed superannuation, to financial planning and debt management.

We are entirely unique in our field, providing responsible advice that is driven by the pursuit of happiness, not just wealth.

Our Services

Financial Planning

We offer high level financial advice & formulate recommendations that address the needs of each client’s unique situation to help make you financially independent.

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Self-Managed Super

Whether you are investing as an individual or as a group, we will help you find the best self-managed superannuation fund to meet your needs. There are many options for tailoring your fund to suit both your desired outcomes and your current means.

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Direct Equities and Portfolio Management

At SFR we offer our clients direct ownership of their equities with online access to their portfolios. This means no layers between the investment and the owner. This also provides greater transparency for the investor as they know what they are invested in and how much is invested in each company.

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Australian Super Specialists

In Australia, retirement income is funded through a mix of personal savings, a government pension and superannuation (super). The Government has a reduced tax system that encourages Australians to at least partly fund their retirement incomes and so reduce the future tax burden on working taxpayers.

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Aged Care & Centrelink

Aged care rules are complex, with forever changing rules & costs buried in fine print which can be quite distressing for you, including families whom just want the best with available funding.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning should take into consideration two major scenarios:
Death of a person;
Loss of legal capacity of a person

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Taxation Advisers

The SFR Advisory Group provides clients with in-house, full-service Accountancy expertise that delivers tax compliance and reporting services along with strategic advice that adds value to the client’s comprehensive financial plan.

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We help our clients to choose the best insurance based on their needs. Insurance is there to protect you if something goes wrong so it is important to ensure policies protect you in the way you need with no hidden traps.

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Business Advice

Our SFR Advisers can help guide any business through thick and thin. Anything and everything to do with running a business it’s important to ensure you have someone you can go to for peace of mind and direction.

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