Advisory for individuals close to retiring

Optimising your pre-retirement years to secure your financial future

Are you envisioning your retirement years with both excitement and apprehension? At SFR, we specialise in retiring advisory services that transform those crucial years into a period of strategic preparation and peace of mind. We dive deeply into your financial landscape, optimising investments, leveraging superannuation and tax advantages, and aligning your retirement savings with your vision of the future. Overall, our mission is to help you embrace the next chapter of your life with confidence and security.

How our retiring advisory services can help you retire with confidence

Financial security

Ensure your financial security with strategies designed not only for the long term but for today as well.

Investment optimisation

Optimise your investment portfolio for maximum growth and income.

Superannuation strategies

Maximise your superannuation benefits as you approach retirement.

Tax efficiency

Implement tax-efficient strategies to enhance your retirement savings.

The SFR difference

Our mission is to get you to a place where money is no longer a source of stress in your life

Unlike some other financial advisory services, we don’t overhype and overpromise. That’s because having absurdly large figures in your bank account doesn’t necessarily correlate with happiness. Instead, we’ll do our very best to remove money as a source of stress in your life so you can embrace the freedom you deserve.

  • All the financial advisory services you need, under one roof
  • Total transparency, and empowerment through education
  • Securing your future without sacrificing your freedom now
  • 20+ years of experience, and fully licensed in all areas
  • A thriving global network, offering lucrative opportunities

Our services

Financial advisory services, across the full spectrum of disciplines

You no longer have to consult one company for superannuation advice, another for tax advice, another for property advice, and another for estate planning. We’ve consolidated all the advisory services you need in one place, empowering you with a holistic, top-down view of your financial security and future.

Financial advice

Transform dreams into achievable milestones with our holistic, transparent guidance, making financial stress a thing of the past.

Superannuation advisory

Navigate the maze of superannuation with SFR, optimising contributions to secure your retirement dreams with clarity and confidence.

Aged care and Centrelink

Simplify the complexities of aged care and Centrelink with personalised, adaptive advice from SFR, ensuring optimal support and care.

Estate planning

Ensure your legacy’s security with wealth preservation, conflict avoidance, tax optimisation, and definitive healthcare directives for ultimate peace of mind.

NDIS plan management

At SFR, our plan managers can help you pay your service providers, track your NDIS funding, enhance your ability to live independently, and provide any other NDIS and and financial guidance you need.

Property services

Aligning strategies for financial success and streamlined ownership with investment and mortgage advisory, residential and commercial sales, and management.

SMSF services

Optimise your retirement combining expert management and strategic property investment for a robust, worry-free SMSF portfolio.

Tax services

Transform tax filing and leverage strategic advisories with SFR to ensure maximum savings and compliance for your wellbeing.


Frequently asked questions

How early should I start planning for retirement?

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. Ideally, begin at least 5 to 10 years before you plan to retire to make strategic adjustments to your financial plan.

What are the key financial considerations as I approach retirement?

Key considerations include securing income streams, optimising investments for growth and income, managing taxes, planning for healthcare costs, and ensuring your estate is in order.

How do I ensure my retirement savings last?

Through strategic planning, including budgeting, income planning, and regular reviews of your financial plan to adjust for changes in the market and your personal circumstances.

Should I consider downsizing as part of my retirement plan?

Downsizing or accessing home equity can be a strategic part of your retirement plan, providing additional funds to support your lifestyle or cover unexpected expenses. It’s important to consider the financial implications, potential tax impacts, and how it aligns with your overall retirement goals. We can guide you through these considerations to make an informed decision.